I was raised in a small village in the midlands during the 1980’s, when the local farm employed a lot of people including my father. There was a contrast between the banality of an over-managed natural landscape and the workforce and machinery that dwelt upon it.
I spent a lot of time outdoors when the sun was bright, or hiding inside when the weather was not.
When I was in my early twenties I moved to London, a city with a unique energy, diverse population and hard landscape. This encouraged me to begin exploring the relationship between internal and external environments and the objectification of nature.


Mark Jeffreys currently lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from De Montfort University and an MFA in Fine Art from University of the Arts London (Wimbledon College of Art). In 2018 he was invited to Shanghai, China, for an artist residency, during which he was involved in two exhibitions, an open studio, and an extremely painful massage.


2018 MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Arts (University of the Arts London), UK
2003 BA (Hons) Fine Art, De Montfort University, UK
2000 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, College of West Anglia, UK

Selected Exhibitions

2021 Looking for spaces, inside a flat, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2020 Three Landscapes, The Art Spaces, Islington, London (postponed)
2019 Stages of Life, Harrow Arts Centre, London
2018 Open Studios, ICCI – Jiao Tong University, Shanghai
2018 Somewhere in Time, C. Y. Tung Maritime Museum, Shanghai
2017 MFA Postgraduate Show, Wimbledon College of Arts, London
2017 Otherworlds 1, 5th Base Gallery, Brick Lane, London
2017 One That Holds Everything, Crypt Gallery, St. Pancras Church, London
2017 Life in a Shoebox, Back Room Gallery, Peckham, London
2017 Mixed Relationship, China Design Centre, Holborn, London
2016 ACME Open Studios, London
2015 ACME Open Studios, London
2015 Looking Sound, live visual arts & music performance, London
2013 The Big Event, Stoke Newington Gallery, London
2012 Mixed Up, Rich Mix, London
2011 Arena Artists Group Show, The Foundry, London
2011 Arena Artists Group Show, Camden, London


2018 ICCI Art Valley ResidencyInstitute of Cultural and Creative Industry, Shanghai, China